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How to Create a WP Post in 4 Steps

How to Create a Post in 4 Steps Login and go to the Dashboard. It should look like this just after you login: Roll your mouse over EITHER of the two links that the red arrows point to in the above screen shot.  One is at the top of the screen on the “tool bar”… Read More »

Presentations, Powerpoint, and WordPress

So you have to give a presentation or a lecture to a class or some meeting and you also have your blog.  Can these two be connected?  YES.  Here’s four different ways to integrate your Powerpoint presentation with your WordPress site.  These are listed in increasing order of sophistication and functionality.    Option 1 –… Read More »

Ten Easy Steps to Powerpoint Resurrection

No more “death by Powerpoint”.  Stop killing your students’ interest with dull Powerpoint presentations.  Don’t get me wrong, this is not another anti-lecture screed.  I’m not against lecture and I’m not against using Powerpoint (or Keynote for you Apple fan boys or Libre/Open Office for the liberated).  I’m against bad lecture and bad Powerpoint. It(…)